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At the CityDent clinic we know that smile represents one of the most important aspects in defining and expressing self confidence. This is the reason why we are happy when we can offer our patients a beautiful an sparkling smile which can successfully represent them both personally and professionally.

Because we’d like you to have a care free smile, we are posted to the latest world novelties in the medical (top dental treatments) and dental aesthetics area. Our team of doctors is composed of specialists with top professional expertise developed in Romania and Western Europe. Even more, we benefit from the presence of specialists who currently work outside Romania and who periodically visit our clinic in order to do personalized treatments for patients.


Appointments & Customer Support

Mariana Padurariu

Adriana Mihai

Andrada Socea

Nursing department

Dana Gheorghe

Camelia Catana

Mihaela Nicula

Gabriela Dumitru

Ionela Medintu

Florentina Trifu

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